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HAZOP Facilitation

HAZOP Facilitation and Leadership

Whether it is a three month study or only a few hours, our expert facilitators and scribes will ensure that you achieve the outcomes that you need from the HAZOP study. Whether the study is a preliminary HAZOP study or the traditional line-by-line study, we will ensure that the study is done in the shortest period commensurate with the need to adequately scrutinise the design of the facility.

Some of our clients require more targeted HAZOP studies. These studies are:

  • Procedural HAZOP
  • Batch process HAZOP
  • Control or computer HAZOP (CHAZOP)
  • Preliminary HAZOP
  • Construction or demolition HAZOP

The presence of a strong independent facilitator will enable the HAZOP to retain its focus and steadily review the design. The contributions of all the team members are considered, not just the loudest members.

Bow-Tie Consulting’s HAZOP facilitators and scribes have conducted many HAZOPs across a broad range of industries, countries and cultures and will maximise the efficiency of the HAZOP process.

The Bow-Tie Consulting personnel have led HAZOP studies that have been used as the input for further studies such as SIL allocation, critical control identification and bow-tie analyses.

Bow-Tie Consulting uses internationally recognized tools for recording HAZOP studies. This ensures that the report and documentation is

  • Authoritative
  • Comprehensive
  • Clearly worded
  • Well structured.

For more information on HAZOP studies search on Wikipedia or the IChemE website:

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