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hearherHeather Selwyn Principal Risk Consultant

Heather Selwyn has over 25 years experience in operations and risk management. During this time, she has worked both directly in operational management positions and as a safety consultant within the nuclear and aviation industries. Heather has experience in facilitating the practical implementation of management systems as well as safety case development, peer review and safety health checks through safety culture assessment and systems auditing.

Heather holds the following Professional Affiliations and Qualifications:

Bachelor of Science (Hons) Physics, University of Sheffield, UK
Master of Science & Technology, Aviation, UNSW
Member Institute of Physics (UK) Private Pilots Licence (Aus)

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Characterising Spent Nuclear Fuel, 2002 European Nuclear Society Research Reactor Fuel Conference, Ghent, Belgium
Supplier HSE Performance Management – Contractor Safety alignment Conference, Sydney – 2007

jon profileJon Shatwell Environmental and Nuclear Consultant

Jon has over 25 years experience in environmental protection including fisheries, rivers and streams, nuclear decommissioning, nuclear materials packaging and nuclear waste acceptance criteria.

Jon has university research experience in fisheries, as well as technical management of government departments responsible for environmental protection of counties in the UK. He also has extensive experience in nuclear matters both operators and regulators including the UK Nuclear Decommissioning Authority, Radioactive Waste Management Ltd and the Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation (Ansto).

Jon holds the following qualifications:

Master of Science in Developmental Biology, Oxford University.
Bachelor of Science (Hons 2.1) in Microbiology, Edinburgh University.
Lead Auditor, Lloyds Register Quality Assurance (LRQA).
Security clearances within Australia and formerly UK.

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“Amoxicillin  concentration in the serum of Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar L) during furunculosis therapy”, The Vetinary Record, 133, 1993.
Evidence for the Establishment of a Drought Permit in Cumbria, Cumbria Drought Hearing, 2003. 
 “Learning from the 2005 Carlisle flooding event”, Cumbria Emergency Management Forum, 2006.
Corporate Energy and Sustainability targets for 2012, and registration and compliance of NDA with the Carbon Reduction Commitment, presentation to NDA Executive.
Radioactive Waste Disposability Assessments 2012-2015:
Packaging of Sellafield B30 Miscellaneous Beta Gamma Wastes (MBGW) through WAGR (Windscale Advanced Gas Reactor);
Packaging of WAGR decommissioning debris;
Packaging of Sellafield B30 MBGW for the Solid Treatment Plant Technology Underpinning Project (STPTUP) - thermal option & encapsulation with cement grout or magnesium phosphate cement;
Treatment and packaging options for B30 Isotope Cartridge wastes for the STPTUP; 
Treatment and packaging of Dounreay ADU floc liquid waste;
Packaging of extended envelope wastes from Sellafield B30 through the Box Encapsulation Plant;
Packaging options for wastes stored in the Sellafield Miscellaneous Beta-gamma Waste Store; and 
Treatment and packaging of Sellafield B29 pond sludge.