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Bow-Tie Analysis

Bow-tie diagrams clearly display the links between the potential causes, preventative and mitigative controls and consequences of a major accident. Bow-tie analyses can also be integrated with semi-quantitative analysis techniques such as Layers of Protection Analysis (LOPA).

We aid our clients in identifying their risks and examining their controls or safeguards through the preparation of Bow-Tie diagrams. Bow-Tie diagrams are excellent tools to display the causal sequences that could cause a risk to the business and are often used to present the outputs from other risk studies. Our experienced facilitators will ensure that the Bow-Tie diagrams are not excessively complex because this reduces the ability to be a visual representation of the risk being studied.

Bow-Tie Consulting’s experienced personnel will work with you to develop Bow-Tie diagrams that clearly represent the risks of your business and assist you to identify and assess the reliability of the controls that manage these risks. It is not just the number of controls that is crucial in managing risk – it is the strength of the controls that is essential to manage.

For more information on Bow-Tie diagrams see Wikipedia or search on the IChemE website: